EPBC Approval – 3D Seismic Program

An exploration team for an underground mine was required to conduct a 3D seismic program within a Brigalow Endangered Ecological Community (EEC).  The 3D seismic program involved vegetation clearance / disturbance for the source and receiver lines.

Representing the Owners Team, Michael’s role in this project included the baseline assessment of the Brigalow EEC and coordinating the preparation of a Referral under the EPBC Act.    The Project was likely to impact on the EEC, however due to the limited extent of disturbance and the relatively poor quality of the Brigalow community, the desired outcome was either a “Not a Controlled Action” or “Assesment via Preliminary Documentation” decision.

Working closely with the Exploration team we were able to reduce the extent of proposed clearing required, and accordingly limited the proposed impact on the Brigalow community. Subsequently, the Commwealth Government’s assessment department (SEWPAC) determined that Assessment via Preliminary Documentation would be sufficient.    Final approval for this program is expected in October 2012 – a 9 month process in total.

Brigalow Community

Photo: Griffith University