Daunia Mine EIS

The Daunia Mine EIS project involved the completion of numerous environmental baseline studies ranging from Terrestrial Ecology to Water, Groundwater, Soils, Community, Noise and Dust, and Traffic.

Michael Vincent as part of the Owner’s Team for the Project and EIS was responsible for the field supervision of the baseline studies, as well as the coordination of the lead environmental consultant who was responsible for completing the impact assessment chapters and technical reports.

The EIS was assessed under the State Development and Public Works Act 1971 and required liaison with many State Government departments as well as the Federal Environmental Agency – DEWHA at the time.

The EIS was approved with only six (6) Coordinator General conditions, and the Evironmental Authority was granted just 21 months after the Project’s Initial Advice Statement was submitted to Government.

Approval under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 was also secured to enable the clearance of endangered Brigalow Communities.   A suitable Vegetation Offset was approved by the Commonwealth Government at a nearby Nature Refuge, which had earlier been secured with the assistance of the EIS team.

The Daunia Mine has since been constructed and will be producing coal by 2013.