Blackwater EMS

In the early 2000’s BHP Billiton made the decision to have ISO14001 certified Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at each of their operations.   Although Blackwater Mine had elements of an EMS in place at the time, a structured and managed ISO14001-compliant system was not active.

Under the guidance of the Environmental Superintendent and working with other key staff, Michael’s role was to complete a gap analysis of the existing systems and procedures that were currently in place, against the elements required by ISO14001.

Once the gaps were identified, the following steps were implemented:

  1. Environmental Risk Assessments and identification of all Significant Environmental Aspects and Legal Requirements across the site
  2. Management Plans and Procedures to manage each of the Significant Environmental Aspects
  3. Objectives and Targets to improve the management of the Significant Environmental Aspects
  4. Environmental awareness training of all staff
  5. Monitoring and Auditing program to meaure compliance with the EMS and associated procedures, objectives and targets
  6. Action Plans to ensure non-compliance items and improvement opportunities were acted upon

Blackwater Mine’s EMS was successfully certified in 2002 and still maintains certification today.